Best Staple Pieces For 2023

As we step into the new year, lofty resolutions are made, with many declaring “new year, new me”. And, with this new self, there often comes a new wardrobe alongside it. But, before you step out to purchase a whole new rotation, consider focusing on picking up a few new staple pieces that can be worn throughout the year, and into the ones to come. 2023 will see a resurgence of classic style staples, with a focus on timeless pieces that can be worn for years to come. 

From classic and versatile denim and comfortable sneakers, these essentials will form the foundation of any stylish wardrobe. So, if you’re looking for a little bit of style inspiration to kick off your new year, read on.

The Throw On Denim

In 2023, it’s time to say goodbye to fussy dressing and hello to stylish staples that take you throughout the entire year with ease. A go-to in this department is the classic pair of denim jeans, the kind you can simply throw on, no matter the occasion and look effortlessly put-together. Denim jeans have been a staple item in just about every person's wardrobe for decades, but 2023 is the year you find your perfect pair. Jeans are partly beloved because of their inherent versatility, with a plethora of washes and cuts, there is truly a fit for every person and every occasion. 

When looking for your ideal jeans, consider factors such as lifestyle. A darker wash with a bit of stretch is perfect for mums of young children who face messy little hands each day and are constantly on the move. Whereas a more rigid straight leg cut is perfect for a relaxed office environment, as you’ll still look put-together whilst simultaneously looking laid back. With different accessories, jeans can take you virtually anywhere, and once you find your perfect fit you’ll wonder how you ever went anywhere without them. 

The Cool Sneaker

This year, we’re running around again. Whether you’re off to the airport on an interstate or overseas adventure, or simply catching up with a friend for a last-minute weekend brunch, one thing is for certain, a good pair of sneakers is needed. It’s time to say goodbye to your well-worn runners and instead opt for a well-deserved update. Sneakers can be thrown on with a pair of jeans, added to an activewear style or used to finish a more dressy outfit in a bid to make it that bit more relaxed. 


They’re a true style staple for 2023 that’s incredibly adaptable to your unique routine and sense of style, they also happen to offer incredible foot support as a bonus. So, this year, grab yourself a pair of sneakers that you love wearing, they’ll be a great investment.   

The Maxi Skirt

If there is one item that would serve as the hero piece for 2023, it’s the maxi skirt. The ankle-skimming hemline is incredibly adaptable, and no longer simply a board room basic. Rather than following the trends, consider the most worn items in your wardrobe and see what they all have in common. If you’re someone that continually goes back to basics, then a black slip style or even a denim maxi skirt would be ideal. However, if you’re focusing on injecting a little bit of vibrance into your daily rotation, then a brighter shade or even a maxi in a floral pattern is a great way to go, whilst still offering versatility. 

The maxi skirt will see you through each season, by simply switching up your accessories, and is something that you’ll find yourself reaching for throughout the year.  

The Elevated Carry-All 

A staple piece that will no doubt revolutionise your day-to-day life in 2023 is the elevated carry-all bag. This bag is perfect for work as it can fit everything including your lunch and your pre-packed lunch for the day, but can easily transform into a weekend shopper bag when you’re outside of your nine-to-five. This bag means saying goodbye to the frustration that came from carrying tiny shoulder bags that could barely fit a phone. 

To ensure this bag fits your lifestyle perfectly, opt for a fabric that works for your daily routine. If your life is centred around a corporate job, then a classic tote in a soft black or brown leather is an ever-stylish, ever-practical choice. However, if you’re at university, or perhaps work within a more artistic field, then a patterned or canvas tote with a softer silhouette will pair perfectly. Although this is a classic staple for 2023, this purchase will undoubtedly remain in your wardrobe for years to come due to its classic nature and versatility. 

The Stylish Flat

For many years we’ve collectively put up with the foot pain that undoubtedly comes when wearing high-heeled shoes, all in the name of looking fantastic. But, 2023 is the year to say goodbye to blisters and bunions and hello to happy feet once more. Flats are no longer the dowdy decoys worn on public transportation before you switch to the more-stylish footwear option for the office. From sandals to ballet flats to loafers, there’s a flat to fit every situation and every sense of style. 

Opt for a pair that matches your established style to ensure you get maximum wear out of them. Recommended staple flats include the ever-stylish loafer which comes in several incarnations, from the penny loafer to the chunkier brogue style. Or perhaps a softer ballet flat is more your speed? Regardless, when you find the perfect fit, these accessories will be integral to your rotation in 2023 and for years to come.


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